SNOUT: Identity Graphics

When developing the branding of a company, there are a series of things that need to be explored before starting the design process. Identity graphics are a grey way of researching a variety of different combinations of fonts and colors that could potentially work for the brand. It is important to make more than just one, as it may help further in the process to go back to your original ideas and be able to either get inspired from them, or to be able to actually apply an older version that could end up in the final drafts. As for Snout, the final Identity Graph definitely underwent more than a few changes throughout the branding process. The fonts changed, so as to adapt to a more user-friendly crowd. Some of the colors, however, remained the same or very close to the original ideas.

This simply goes to show that the branding process is almost never fully finished, which is why it is essential to never delete your past ideas, even if they seem completely far off.

Final Identity Graphic

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