Before getting into the whopping world of Multimedia, I had absolutely no idea that there were different qualifications when it came to fonts. As any regular citizen that is not quite involved in the tech field, it never even crossed my mind to think that there might be fonts outside of the library we can […]

As I stated on my last article, RGB is the natural language of a lot of the Adobe software that are typically used by multimedia designers. On the other hand, CMYK is widely used for offset printing as well as digital printing. When creating a design on a software that understands RGB, it is important […]

There is no doubt that the multimedia industry is a tough one to get into. To this day, there are countless people that dream of having a well payed job where they get to sit on their a**es and do creative art for a living. As an outsider, it sounds dreamy, and to some it […]

There are many different kinds of designers out there. Fashion designers, interior, web, digital, and so on. All of these artists, despite working towards a distinctive outcome, use very similar tools to achieve the same. A very prevalent —if not the most important one— mean used by them is what we know as Mood Boards. […]

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