When creating a business, exposing a product to the web, or even simply promoting a name, Web Banners are a highly effective type of advertisement to use to one’s advantage. What are Web Banners, though? Essentially, they are a type of online publicity that consists of embedding useful information about the product and/or promotion that […]

The concept of blueprint has existed for hundreds of years. It is defined as a technical and/or mechanical drawing of a detail structural plan. It is most often used by architects and engineers that are working on building any kind of infrastructure. However, Blueprint has a sister called Wireframe. Wireframe is essentially the same as […]

When creating a website from the scratch, one needs to take a few things into consideration. The actual design details of the website are very important, of course, but there are technical elements that play an essential role with web-making. Designers, coders and computer “geeks” would call this Web Optimization. To optimize something means to […]

InDesign is one of the most popular software that are used by graphic designers all over the world. Most of these artist love the application, because it allows you to create a lot of different shapes, lines, forms, etc. So as to create a final design. However, other designers (like me) are a little more […]

He leído que de amor no se puede morir Pero el desamor, ¿podría ser fatal? A veces la pesadumbre parece inagotable El tormento te agobia y el corazón se arruga Las lagrimas se manifiestan eternas Y el día se trastorna en anhelo y pena. ¿Porque siempre nos enamoramos mas de los que nos quieren menos? […]

I laid down and waited. I was prepared for a night of meaningless kisses and moans, unfulfilling of the emptiness echoing around me. I wasn’t expecting it: the taste of it. He blindsided me and I liked it. It felt like my body was melting and the only way to keep me from becoming liquid […]

Tu presencia me escandaliza Has llegado como un conflicto forastero a mi vida Acaparando mis pensamientos con tus besos de seda y tus comentarios exorbitantes Haz alcanzado el protagonismo de mis caprichos Tu presencia me alborota.  Llegas terremoto a interrumpir mi juicio Robas mis razonamientos Hipnotizas mis sentimientos Me dejas sin aliento.

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