The perfect job.

Many of us create this unrealistic idea of what our perfect jobs should be all about. In my case, it is a combination of all the great things I love and would love for my job to entitled into one professional title: video producer.

A video producer is essentially the assistant to everyone in a pre and post-production setting, that at the same time carries all the responsibilities of the project. It is more or less like being a creative director, with the expection that a lot of video producers also participate more in depth in some of the process of the production. In my case, I’m in love with the post-production. As a video producer, I would work even closer with the editors or be the editor myself. I believe that remanining close for the entire pre-production can help tremendously an editor understand the voice, the message trying to be reached, the mood, and so on. For this, my “dream job” would entitle both being a video producer as well as the editor in charge.

Now, there are a lot of companies that I would feel absolutely lucky to be working for. Firstly, National Geographic. I have been obsessed with Nat Geo ever since I can remember. I read their magazines, visited their website, watched as many of their documentaries as possible and went to any gallery I could find near me when visiting new places. Of course, I am aware that although it is not impossible, it is a long shot from today, so I have other companies in mind as well that I would be more than happy to work with in the future. Amongst my favorites are Vice, Google, Buzzfeed, BBC, Facebook, New York Times, Refinery, Youtube. These are probably the ones on the top of my list, but as a beginner in this industry, any job opportunity that would allow me to express my creativity and learn from my mistakes, I will be thankful for and excited to engage in.

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