What is stock video footage?

Footage is everywhere. On our tv shows, movies, on our social media platforms and our favorite music videos. Many times the footage shown in these particular platforms is shot specifically for one purpose. Other times, you might run into footage that is used in several different occasions. The reason being: not everyone shoots their own footage. This is where stock video footage comes into place.

We have talked in previous posts about the importance of starting to create, even if we lack the money for the right equipment or for the trip to that beautiful place you want to film at. Because of this, there is a vast network of web pages where we can find footage to download and use for our projects.

At the end of this article, I will paste a few links to some of these pages. Now, not all of this footage is free. Some of these pages offer monthly subscriptions in order to access their content. There are others that sell the footage individually, and might even vary the price by the size of the document or the quality of it. Others do offer free and royalty-free footage to anyone’s leisure. The truth is, each one of them has their own thing going on when it comes to the financial and the legal part.

Taking this into consideration, it is also important to throughogly understand the legal norms of these videos found online. For this, something called the Creative Common License was invented. Usually referred to as the CC License, this is a legal documentation of the copyrights of any material. There are several different branches to this license, and that is essentially decided by the artist him/herself. An artist, for example, could decide to make his/her work free to anyone using it for personal projects, but to charge any commercial use on it. Also, they could chose to simply charge all the time to anyone interested in using their material, or to make it free as long as they are credited. The options are many and it is up to the person interested in using the material to understand and acknowledge the rules of usage that each individual footage might have.





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