Multimedia production and what we have to offer to it.

On my previous post, I went on and on about the roles that make up a multimedia production team. There are quite a lot of them, some not as crucial, others completely essential. Usually someone that is looking to become a part of one of these teams will start as a production assistant, which technically means an assistant to anyone on set that needs help. This kind of job might not have a great financial compensation, but it does give someone the tools to learn from within and to understand better all the other rolls so as to chose correspondingly which one is better for them.

Depending on what one is interested in, there are many different jobs for beginners out there that do not require much experience or fancy and extremely expensive pieces of papers stating you have a degree that will cost you 30+ years to pay for. Many, however, will ask for examples of your work, and this is where things get a little tricky. Most unexperienced multimedia artists are looking for jobs to get to finally have access to the expensive equipment that these type of jobs usually require. This is a big problem that so many of us face whenever trying to enter this world. Nonetheless, it should not stop us from at least trying to create something to showcase our eye for the particular job, our creativity and, most importantly, our drive. Having something to show to a company you are applying for means that even though you don’t necessarily posses the means to create something that looks high-end and professional, you are still willing to showcase and explore your talent with what you have at reach, and that says a lot about the passion and dedication you have towards this goal.

To sum this up, it is extremely important to understand that applying somewhere empty handed lessens your probabilities to get hired tremendously. Shoot even if it’s with your phone, edit even if it’s on iMovie, record even if it’s with a $25 guitar hero microphone. Try, fail, and then keep trying some more. Eventually someone will notice your hunger to know more and to reach higher.

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