It takes a village.

The production of any type of multimedia project is typically a process of operation. Unless the project is being done on a very low budget, or by an individual that is creating content for their page, blog, reel, etc. It is not unusual to have a good amount of people working on a production.

Although there are several roles that need filling on a Multimedia Production Team, I would like to firstly point out the most important ones. It is crucial that I also point out that the hierarchy of this information is completely based on my personal opinion.

Videographers and audio designers: these talented individuals, in my humble opinion, are the most significant part of a production team. Without them, it would simply be impossible for the production to even exist. Videographers, as the title bluntly says it, are the ones that manage the visual aspect of the production. Audio designers, on the other hand, are the ones that add up all the seasoning to the visuals; without a great and competent audio designer, a production team is lacking the fundamentals of the storytelling.

Secondly, the creative director. This title creates a lot of confusion for some. I know it definitely troubled me when I first heard about it. To make a long story short, a creative director is essentially the one that determines and makes sure the vision of a brand, story and or composition is present and constant. In order to have this title, one has to not only be (undoubtely) a creative individual, but also a great listener with an open mind, a natural leader and a humble team player as well. These traits are important because as a creative director, one will need to understand the minds of the individuals working in the project so as to be able to assist them in anything they might need.

Project managers, aka the parents of the production team. As a project manager, one has to deal with all the technicalities that go with creating content. Amongst these are handling the legal aspects, ensuring the customer’s content, the overall organisation, execution and delivery of the project, as well as making sure everyone on the team is doing their job correctly. Usually, a project manager is someone that is very responsible, with qualities of a human resources professional, but also with professionalism and competence firsthand.

Lastly, content editors. Now, I would like to point out the fact that putting content editors last in this hirarchy does NOT make them any less valuable in a production team. In fact, that is what I am striving to be! Having said this, now I will try to summarize how amazing this position is and why the person in charge of this role is just as important as the rest. Amazing footage and audio is fundamental, but it can only go so far without an equally amazing editing. Editors are similar to audio designers as they are also in charge of capturing the mood of a story, and delivering a result that will smoothly enhance the same allthewhile maintaing the vision and idea throughout the composition. These hardworking individuals are basically the key manufacturers of any multimedia production team.

All in all, it is unfair to put any of all these highly important roles in a hierarchy, as they all have a special task on a production team. Other relevant roles such as lighting directors, set designers, and production assistants make up these teams throughout the field of multimedia production. Despite the fact that a production can be achieved with one or two people only, all of these roles combined make up a professional, harmonious crew capable of creating anything they set out to do.

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