Why is sound just as important as visuals.

In these times where technology dictates pretty much everything in our lives, it is easy to believe that visuals are the most essential part of any media composition.

Visuals are of course a huge part of the media. However, audio tends to pass by unnoticed even though it actually plays a significant and almost always crucial role in any kind of content. Whenever we are watching a movie, a vlog, an ad, or a 5 second video on Instagram, even if we don’t notice it, music makes it smoother and easier to watch. Essentially, music is to visuals what butter is to bread. We can eat bread without butter, but how good is it really by itself?

Sound designers are the artisans behind this complex type of media. I say and emphasize the complexity of this job because it is not as simple as some might think it is. Behind soundtracks, voiceovers, playbacks, dialogue and music in general, there is a lot of work that has to be put into it.

Someone that works as a sound designer should typically know a lot more than just mixing and putting tunes together. This craft takes passion and will to be fully understood and mastered, and not many can do the amazing job that some others are able to. Aside from the obvious technical abilities that these designers should know, such as being above competent on softwares like Audacity, Adobe Audition, QLab, etc. They also need to have a very creative mind. The reason behind this? As a sound designer you need to understand the idea of the composition, to create an ideal atmosphere that not only will tell a story, but that will enhance the story that is being told by the visuals, and of course needs to understand mood, transitions and taste accordingly as well. All of these things take talent over knowledge, which is something extremely important when someone decides to become a sound designer.

Now, this career can absolutely be lucrative. Most companies when looking for sound designers will start them off with $40-60k. This might not be very appealing, specially for those that live in very expensive cities. Nonetheless, these salaries are usually to beginners, and fluctuate according to experience and what the employee has to offer. Sound designers hired by big companies that have a positive reputation can make six figures, so if this is something that you might be thinking to invest your time in, it is definitely not a bad idea!

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