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InDesign is one of the most popular software that are used by graphic designers all over the world. Most of these artist love the application, because it allows you to create a lot of different shapes, lines, forms, etc. So as to create a final design. However, other designers (like me) are a little more prone towards using Illustrator because we feel it is a little bit less complicated.

Now, as far as how good these are, it really just depends on the designer, because both of these are amazing tools to create graphic art. Having said that, we will talk a little about the insides of InDesign. Although there are a lot more than just five, today we will name and explain briefly the top five tools (according to moi) that InDesign offers us.

  1. Selection Tool: just as it name says it, this tool creates selection of an image within a frame, or the frame itself, and allows you to size and and cut it to your liking.
  2. Pen Tool: this one is my personal favorite, and a highly popular one. The pen tool essentially gives you the freedom to do any shape you want, including straight and curved lines.
  3. Eyedropper: when you are struggling to find that perfect shade of grey that you saw in that one picture from that add from Instagram, the eyedropper comes in handy to your assistance. With this tool, you are able to simply pick colors from any image and utilize it in your design.
  4. Content Collector: this one is a fun one. The name is pretty self explanatory, being that with this tool you can literally copy parts of a design (a background, a pattern, a texture, etc.) and paste it anywhere you want in your design, as many times as you want.
  5. Scissors: everyone needs a little help once in a while, specially with these type of software that can sometimes get a little tricky. This tool does pretty much what its name tells you, it allows you to cut into your designs with the flexibility of choosing what points you want to cut into.

Now that you have learned about my personal favorite tools from InDesign, you might want to go explore it yourself to see if you disagree with my list, or if I was spot on with my decisions.

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