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There is no doubt that the multimedia industry is a tough one to get into. To this day, there are countless people that dream of having a well payed job where they get to sit on their a**es and do creative art for a living. As an outsider, it sounds dreamy, and to some it is. However, it is quite difficult to truly make it, and an enormous amount of work needs to be executed before one can actually land one of these jobs.

Now, as everything goes, if you have connections within the industry this whole process might be a lot easier to get through. Connections will almost always open incredibly difficult doors for anyone that has them. Although this would be a great route to follow, must of us aren’t as lucky, which means we need to work extra hard to get where we want to be.

In Multimedia, the diversity in jobs ranges widely, which gives us artsy tech geeks the liberty to pick and choose from many different options.

Some of the most popular jobs within this industry:

  • Advertising Manager: this job entitles exactly what its title says; advertising managers work together with a sales team so as to create promotional work that will successfully accomplish the goals needed within the company.
  • Creative Director: as a creative director, the finalization of the overall vision of a product/commercial/advertisement lays in your hands. Essentially, this job titles gives you the power to command decisions throughout any creative process in the company.
  • Multimedia Artist: this broad title covers a few different things related to technological art. As a multimedia artist, you would be performing different jobs ranging from animation, music videos, graphics, and so on.
  • Film and Video Editor: an editor, whether it is for films, commercials, music videos or short films, will always have the same job in hand; assembling, organizing, adapting and polishing video content so as to create a final product.
  • Game Designer: this job, although fun, can also get quite hectic. As a game designer, you are in charge of developing pretty much everything within the chosen game. This includes the characters, the levels, the scenarios, the graphics, the story-lines, and so on.
  • Animator: as an animator, you will work in a multi-faceted environment that will ask of you the same concept of work (virtual animated sequences) but for different types of fields. Animation is not limited to only film, but rather it is expanded to any desired multimedia forum.
  • Graphic Designer: these artists are wrongfully narrowed down for logos in our society, but graphic designers do so much more than just logos. If you take on this job, your production design will know no limit, since this is a tech resource that allows you to create substantially any graphic you want.
  • Installation Designer: this job title is more about the aftermath of art rather than the development of it. As an installation designer, you would enroll on the management and direction of art installations. Be it paintings, print work, film showings, sculptures, and so on. As an installation designer your sole purpose is to present the work beautifully and to handle the vendors, contractors and clients.
  • Photographer: last but not least, photographers… In this day and age everybody thinks they are photographers. Unfortunately, this job has suffered tremendously for it, but this does not mean that it is less serious or professional. Photographers are in charge of capturing moments, feelings, expressions, circumstances, events, etc. Through the complexity of their lenses in order to achieve images that can speak for themselves. To be a photographer is to be a storyteller. The only difference is that instead of a pen/keyboard, they use very expensive camera equipment and get down and dirty whenever it is necessary.

All of these jobs are great and, surprisingly, not as underpayed as usual. On average, you can make as little as 35k – 44.9k a year in any of these jobs. However, you can also get to make as much as 50k – 72k or even more (if you get either lucky of reaaally good). Both of these ends are not terribly abnormal, as they could enable you to afford life, at least if you don’t live in San Francisco.

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