Many of us create this unrealistic idea of what our perfect jobs should be all about. In my case, it is a combination of all the great things I love and would love for my job to entitled into one professional title: video producer. A video producer is essentially the assistant to everyone in a […]

Footage is everywhere. On our tv shows, movies, on our social media platforms and our favorite music videos. Many times the footage shown in these particular platforms is shot specifically for one purpose. Other times, you might run into footage that is used in several different occasions. The reason being: not everyone shoots their own […]

Video recording started years ago, after people had fell in love with the beauty of photography and started looking for more innovative and creative ways of capturing moments and stories. The beginning of video was very different from what we are used to seeing nowadays. Nonetheless, the concept has remained the same after all these […]

The production of any type of multimedia project is typically a process of operation. Unless the project is being done on a very low budget, or by an individual that is creating content for their page, blog, reel, etc. It is not unusual to have a good amount of people working on a production. Although […]

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